Digital Whiteboards with Wall Mount Cabinet for PC enclosure and laptop work surface.

With this project our customer needed to setup several rooms that would serve as training classrooms for staff.  They were looking for a way to integrate the board, a dedicated PC to display content and interface with the board permanently and a tray to allow presenters to bring in a laptop and connect to the video inputs on the board.

The challenge with installing digital whiteboards and wall mounted cabinets together is that they must be properly supported by using robust mounting hardware secured through structural supports such as metal or wood wall studs or backing material in the wall. With this project some backing was provided but other areas we had to rely on the existing wall studs.  We wanted to keep the enclosures close to the board so that all the cabling that came from the projector and white board would be able to pass through to the computer located in the top of the cabinet without unsightly exposed wires.  This meant that we had to carefully measure and mark all the locations where holes would need to be drilled in advance of actually drilling and hanging the equipment. Once that was done we then carefully ran all the cables to keep them secured and hidden as much as possible and we used nylon cable wrap to create a small bundle between the board, the cabinet and the wall outlet.