About Us

Data Center Products, Inc. was founded in 1997 as a distributor and reseller of products and services that help integrate information technology into a wide variety of work places and applications.  Since it’s inception, DCP has been focused on providing ergonomic computer mounting and mobile solutions designed to put computers at the customer’s point of need.

Our staff is trained and experienced in delivering technology solutions to users in the most ergonomic manner possible. Our product offering allows us to customize and fit your computer in a space and time that is cost effective and beneficial to the demands of our customers and their employees.

Our offering is comprised of products and services in areas where technology integration is difficult and where customers find great value in working with knowledgeable, service-oriented staff.

DCP is based in Indianapolis, Indiana and has representatives in Michigan, Ohio and Kentucky. Our service staff consist of factory trained technicians, certified in powered and non-powered cart maintenance, wall mount installation and technical furniture installations.