• Sit Stand Desk with Dual Monitor Arm

    The workstation shown here includes the WorkFit-D sit stand desk installed with the end user’s own desk surface to match the existing furniture.  They also wanted to ergonomically integrate dual displays so we included the LX Desk Mount arm which attaches to the left side of the desk surface.  The arms also included the optional adjustment […]

  • VHM Workstation on Boom

    The challenge with this project was that the customer needed a workstation close to the patient bed but the room was fairly large and it made sense to try to use the boom which had the power and data and would be close to the bed.  We worked with the boom manufacturer to get the […]

  • Dual Monitor LX Arms

    With this project our customer needed a dual monitor setup with an all in one PC. They also needed to keep the horizontal space open to allow visibility to the patient trough the window at the left. We decided to mount an aluminum track to securely mount the two arms in a vertical column and […]

  • Monitor and Accessories Mounted to Access Rail

    This project involved integrating several computer workstation into a retail pharmacy with an emphasis on freeing up tabletop space for the end users.  We used the Access Rail System to attach the monitor to a flexible arm and added several shelves for printers, and other accessories.  This system is great for cleaning off a desktop […]

  • Medical Exam Room Wall Mount

    One of our best solutions for installing a full computer workstation in a medical exam room is the Sit Stand Combo arm from Ergotron.  As is the case with many projects involving medical spaces, the customer on this project needed a monitor, keyboard and mouse to use in charting patient records but there was no […]

  • Flexible Display Wall

    With this project we were asked to provide wall mounts for 9 individual monitors to be displayed around a single workstation.  We also had the challenge of accommodating other equipment stored on the desktop from time to time so we decided to employ the height adjustable LX Wall mount arm as well as the NeoFlex […]

  • Digital Whiteboards with Wall Mount Cabinet for PC enclosure and laptop work surface.

    With this project our customer needed to setup several rooms that would serve as training classrooms for staff.  They were looking for a way to integrate the board, a dedicated PC to display content and interface with the board permanently and a tray to allow presenters to bring in a laptop and connect to the […]

  • Laptop Arm on Anesthesia Machine

    Many electronic medical record systems are intended for use at the bedside during surgery to track the medications administered by the anesthesiologist during the procedure.  The challenge here is to integrate a computer without interfering with the important work being done by the anesthesiologist.  We are able to integrate laptops or flat panel monitor and PC […]

  • Computer Workstation on Boom in Operating Room

    In this situation our customer was looking for a way to install a computer workstation on an existing boom in an operating room.  We were able to add a small channel so that we could supply a simple pivoting display mount on the front side of the boom and then we did the same on […]

  • Large Display with Thin Client PC

    With this project the end user had a program to display information to employees in a hallway. The objective was to keep the profile of the monitor low so it would not be in the way but also needed to include a small Thin Client computer to produce the content displayed. We went with a SIM90 […]