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    The LearnFit Desk is transforming classrooms into active learning environments

    This simple and lightweight mobile desk includes durable casters to easily transition through daily activities and it adjust from sitting to standing height with a simple release lever.

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Tablet Charging Systems

Keep your iPad, Android, Surface or other tablet charged synced and secured.

Laptop Charging Carts

Keep your laptops, Macbooks, or Chromebooks charged and secured.

Classroom Carts

Create active learning environments and integrate technology intuitively to get the most out of classroom technology.

Tablet Mounts

Integrate your tablets with arms and wall mounted charging cabinets.

Large Display Mounts

Find the Wall Mounts and Mobile Carts to integrate your large display monitors and televisions.

Desktop Organization

Keep your desktop computer hardware organized and ergonomic for a healthier work environment.

At DCP we understand that educational institutions want to use the best means available to connect with students, but that they have a unique set of challenges in integrating new technologies.  We help educators use technology to enhance the educational experience without disrupting what really matters.


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